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Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
LASER 4.7 March,2020 Edward BAKER 30 54 Radial Qualifier @IntLaserClass View
TOPPER April,2018 Edward Baker 55 158 Inlands @topper_racing View
TOPPER February,2018 Edward Baker 27 145 NS2 @topper_racing 5.3 @GJWDirectUK View
TOPPER September,2017 Edward Baker 8 35 RYA SW Zones Topper View
TOPPER September,2017 Edward Baker 64 133 Topper Series Open View
TOPPER September,2017 Edward Baker 12 31 Topper Open @topper_racing View
TOPPER August,2017 Edward Baker 21 54 5.3 Nats Silver @topper_racing View
TOPPER June,2017 Edward BAKER 12 22 SW Champs @topper_racing View
Handicap June,2017 Edward BAKER 32 64 Plymouth Dinghy Regatta View
TOPPER May,2017 Edward Baker 9 33 Open @topper_racing View
OPTIMIST May,2017 Edward BAKER 141 207 Optimist Inlands @IOCAUK View
OPTIMIST May,2017 Edward Baker 66 77 RYA ET Optimist @IOCAUK View
TOPPER April,2017 Edward BAKER 106 150 Inlands @topper_racing View
OPTIMIST March,2017 Edward BAKER 88 138 Optimist Springs @IOCAUK View
OPTIMIST October,2016 Edward BAKER 162 181 Optimist End of Seasons @IOCAUK View

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