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Results for Alistair DICKSON

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
Handicap September,2017 Alistair DICKSON 22 30 Battle of Classes @SotonBoatShow View
RS100 September,2017 Alistair Dickson 1 45 RS100 Nationals View
RS100 June,2017 Alistair Dickson 2 24 Open RS100 View
RS100 April,2017 Alistair Dickson 3 13 Sprints RS100 View
Handicap May,2016 Alistair Dickson 1 17 POSH Handicap (WL) View
No Selection August,2014 Alistair Dickson 1 10 RS100 Open View
RS100 May,2014 Alistair Dickson 2 25 RS100 Nationals View
Laser March,2003 Alistair Dickson 48 104 Stokes Bay Standard Qualifier 2003 View

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